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Easy-to-Use Beer-Brewing and Winemaking Supplies

Over 30 years (and 2 addresses ago) our friend Ben came into the showroom looking to make his own beer at home. It was a new idea and we couldn't help him at the time. The idea fascinated us, and still does. In a dedicated space The Brews Brothers® at Kedco carries all of the at-home beer-brewing and wine making supplies you need to make great beverages. Best of all, at least one of the Brews Brothers is usually around to answer your questions or help you with your special request.

Start Kits and Expert-Level Ingredients

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our store has exactly what you need. This includes starter kits for beer or wine, as well as a full line of base and specialty grains, a selection of hops and yeasts, and all of the assorted accessories and chemicals you need for fermentation. Specialty wine chemicals, storage vessels, glasses, and wine making juice concentrates are also available.
Contact us in Farmingdale, New York, to ensure your home brewing or wine making project is a success. 631-454-7800