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Functional Retail Racking Systems

Wine racking for retail and commercial use must be able to hold up to the rigors of everyday usage. Both our KM series and black steel wine racks have a proven track record over the decades. All racks are made in the USA.

KM Racking

The flexibility of the KM series of wine racks allow them to accomodate almost any application. Shown is an example of our KM merchandiser. Designed and built specifically with the wine retailer in mind, the merchandiser starts with the aluminum framework and solid wood bottle supports common to all KM wine racks. We've added runners, a two sided raised bottle display, and front and back 1-1/4" price tag/talker molding.
-Racks can be made in choice of light or dark wood with silver, gold, or black aluminum framework.
-Racks can also be made in custom dimensions or to hold bottle formats other than 750 mL bottles.

Black Steel Series

For wine retailers requiring low cost and maximum visibility, we offer our Black Steel series of wine racks. These racks are designed for use as permanent wine display fixtures, not to be confsued with throw-away freebie racks. Each rack includes sign holder, price channel, signs, and price tags.. Racks are shipped knocked down and are assembled on site with no tools required. Available in 750 mL or magnum format. Custom colors are avialable to match store decor.
Available units:
11-case: 57"h x 44-1/4"w x 14-1/4"d holds 121 bottles plus 11 displays.
6-case: 57"h x 25-1/4"w x 14-1/4"d holds 66 bottles
plus 6 displays.
Magnum: 57"h x 44-1/4"w x 14-1/4"d holds 81 mags
plus 9 displays.


Add on racks are available to help increase product facing.

2-Level Wine Merchandiser

The model 2-L wine merchandiser is a prefabricated unit designed for storage and display of higher end wines. This unit comes with 1-1/4" price tag molding with vinyl walnut finish. Units can be placed back to back for a two sided island of wine display.
Dimensions: 42"h x 48"w x 18"d.
Capacity: 52 bottles on display, 156 bottle total capacity
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