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Beautiful Custom Wine Storage Systems

For a larger collection, or special requirements that can't be met with standard self-contained units, we can help you build a custom cellar to precisely meet your needs. We can work with your builder/architect/designer or yourself to design the temperature controlled room to match your needs. From the first sketch to the finishing touch of custom art work, Kedco makes it easy. We have stock or will fabricate custom built solid or glass doors, see-through insulated panels, self-contained or remote/split refrigeration systems, and many different styles of racking for your wines.


Our decorative and non-decorative, short-term storage options are perfect if you are not keeping wines that benefit from months or years of aging, or if temperature control is less important. These units are also perfect for consistently cool storage areas.

Temperature Controlled Wine Storage

We have several approaches for those in need of long-term, temperature-controlled storage, and options vary depending on the quantity of wine being stored. Typically, an appliance-type unit is the least costly and most space-efficient when more than 150 bottles are to be stored.

Custom Wine Cellars

The right product for your purposes depends upon the features you require. High-end lines like Marvel™ and U-Line™ feature units that can be built in, while Avanti Products™ offer built-in and free-standing units.

Wood Racks

It is hard to beat the design flexibility of all-wood racking, and we offer all-wood racks as standardized kits–which save time and money–and as custom designs. Custom racking allows the client to specify the desired design elements to convert an available space into a unique wine room. Single and grouped bottle displays can also be added anywhere you desire.
For custom and standard racks, unfinished redwood is very popular because of its beautiful color and durability. Other woods are available with or without finishes, and their features can include:
  • Diamond Bins
  • Display Racks
  • Individual Bottle Columns
  • Case Storage Systems
  • Rectangular Bulk Bins

KM Racks

Our KM series of wine racks are made of welded steel-wire rear grids, aluminum-front framework, and wooden horizontal bottle supports. These racks are strong, attractive, and their metal framework allows for flexible designs that can be made to store any size bottle. In addition, these racks ship fully assembled, so they only need to be leveled and secured to the wall.

Howard Miller™

We carry the full line of Howard Miller wine and spirits furniture. This established company is known for the elegant finishes, innovative features, and reasonable pricing of their cabinetry.
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